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Must see places in Colombia

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Map of Colombia
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Must see places in Colombia

Fast Facts

  • Location: Northwestern part of South America.
  • Capital: Bogotí¡.
  • Currency: Colombian peso (COP).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Best time to Visit: December through March and July-August.
  • Time Zone: UTC — 5.
  • Calling Code: +57
  • Major Airports: El Dorado International Airport (BOG), Josíé Marí­a Córdova International Airport (MDE).

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life, plunge into the unsullied wilderness and the enchanting hilly terrains of Columbia. The typical countryside beauty and the small villages with riparian houses create the perfect environment for tourists to enjoy the uncorrupted beauty of nature. Apart from getting lost in the sprawling woods of the national parks, you can also visit other must see places in Colombia that include everything from temples, cities, museums to churches, artifacts and beaches. This country, officially known as the Republic of Colombia is located in the northwestern part of South America. Surrounded by Brazil and Venezuela to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the north, Panama to the northwest, the Pacific Ocean to the west and Peru and Ecuador to the south, Colombia also shares maritime borders with the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and Jamaica. Once a home to indigenous tribes like Tairona, Quimbaya and Muisca, the must see places in Columbia have a typical charm that attracts tourists from all throughout the world.

If this is your first visit to the country then be sure to get amazed by the verdure of the Amazon forest. While in Amazon, you can either wish to go for long boating trips on the lakes or get lost in the woods to feel the unusual beauty that co-exists along with the gruesome darkness of the forest. Undoubtedly, one of the must see places in Colombia, Amazon forest is exceptionally exciting for tourists and researchers for the unexplored secrets of the forest. Therefore, in order to restore the obscurity of the Amazons, the Colombia government has developed various national parks that are always under strict vigilance. Parks like Amacayacu National Park, Cahuinari National Park and the Monkey Island are renowned sanctuaries in Colombia that exposes you to the vast flora and fauna of nature. You can even come across the Tacuna tribe, who are distinct for their traditions and lifestyle. Visit San Martin to appreciate and take part in the traditional customs of these tribesmen.

It is unfair to connect Colombia only with the Amazon forest. The country has more in store than just unexplored woods and the unusual tribal culture. You can travel to the enchanting mountains and see the cultural artifacts of Caldes that are must see places in Colombia. Other than just getting awe-struck by the the Manizales University or by the architectural masterpiece of Niera, a roman temple, you can also get elated by the Aguadas monument for its ancient architectural style, the beautiful surroundings as well as the Chorrera waterfall as its backdrop. The city is also noted for the natural vistas and the rugged terrains of the Los Nevados National park. Other than this, you will be surprised to know the medicinal significance of the Ruiz Hot spring.

While it is almost impossible to venture the entire country but visiting the historical, cultural as well as the natural attractions of Bogota, Risaralda, San Andres and Santender are must for every tourist. You will miss the true natural essence of this country if you do not visit the enchanting beaches of San Andress, an archipelago island of Colombia. The island has come up as one of the must see places in Colombia, for showcasing the marine beauty and taking you through the diversifications and livelihood of the sea animals. Also don't forget to visit Quindio, Valle del Cauca, Providencia or for an instance Magdalena.


Due to its proximity to the equator, the temperature of Colombia varies only slightly. The coastal area and the eastern plains have tropical climate. The highlands are cold. Winter is the rainy season in Colombia. One can find temperatures going down below 0 degrees in various places like Bogotí¡, Pasto and Tunja. Transportation

Air: El Dorado International Airport (BOG) in Bogotí¡, and Josíé Marí­a Córdova International Airport (MDE) in Medellí­n are some of the major international airports in Ecuador. Regular direct flights are available from a number of destinations in US, Canada, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Panama, South America and France.

Bus: You can reach Colombia by bus from various countries like Venezuela and Ecuador. Besides these, one can easily travel to various destinations within the country by bus.

Train: Train service is very limited in Colombia. However, Medellí­n and its surrounding areas have metro service.

List of must see places in Colombia:


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