Fast Facts

  • Location: In the city of Medellin in Colombia
  • Time to Visit: August
  • Preferred Timing: During the daytime
  • How to Reach:
    The nearest airport is Olaya Herrera (EOH), a domestic airport located close to downtown. But you will find more flights from Josíé Marí­a Córdova International Airport (MDE), located in the city of Rionegro. The airport offers flights to a number of domestic destinations including Bogota, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, San Andres Isla, as well as a number of international destinations like Caracas, Lima, Miami, Panamí¡, Quito and New York City.
    You can also reach Medellin by bus, as the city has two bus terminals, one in the north which is connected with the Caribe Metro station and the other in the south, which is located just beside the domestic airport.
    There are four major roads that lead to Medellin. Take Autopista Medellin if you are coming down from Bogota. If you are coming down from Pereira, Cali and other destinations in the south, take road 25 towards Medellin. Route 25 South is coming down to Medellin from the Atlantic Coast.
  • Nearest International Airport: Olaya Herrera (EOH) and Josíé Marí­a Córdova International Airport (MDE).

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t love flowers? The answer would certainly be a big ‘no’. From the very early days, people have been attracted to the beauty and fragrance of flowers; they always thrive for its splendor. And if there is a festival of flowers, that must be loved by everyone. There are several festivals of flowers are organized throughout the world, but the most famous of those would certainly be Feria de las Flores or the Festival of the Flowers of Medellin. Organized in the city of Medellin in Colombia, this festival is the most important event of the city that features the Silleteros Parade, a Pageant, Automobiles, a Paso Fino horse parade, and several musical concerts.

Started on 1st May 1957 for the first time, the Festival of the Flowers, Medellin later started taking place in the month of August to celebrate the Independence of Antioquia. With every passing year, the Medellin Flower Festival gained strength and popularity to become one of the most prestigious festivals in the world. Not only the show of flowers, but the festival also has a number of themed parades including Guinness horseback riding, the Old Classic Automobile Parade, the Desfile de Los silleteros or the flower carrier parade. Besides these, the festival also has several other activities including various concerts, recitals, exhibitions, etc.

Visiting the Festival of the Flowers

The Festival of the Flowers in Medellin begins with the Cabalgate, a three-hour-long horse parade. The domination of the colors of Colombia — red, yellow, and blue, is pretty prominent here. The city sky gets filled with the smoke of fireworks and every corner of the city becomes full of joy.

In this parade, the spirited and striking horses march through the streets, followed by sturdy white, brown, and black thoroughbreds. The riders wear a variety of Paisa clothing (local costumes), including colorful shirts with tri-color Paisa serapes, traditional wide-brimmed hats, and western-style boots.

Desfile de Silleteros:
It is a spectacular display of a variety of wonderful flowers. In this show of colossal floral arrangements, the flower displays evolve from small wooden boxes to huge six-foot disks. You will never be tired of seeing this never-ending parade of a variety of flowers. The cordial and friendly bystanders cheer, celebrate and applaud as the procession passes through them.

The Old Classic Automobile Parade:
Here a convoy of hundreds of antique cars passes through the streets. This event will give you the unique opportunity to see some of the oldest automobiles in the world.

Besides the above, the festival also has a number of exhibitions of orchids, flowers, and crafts. You can also visit the flower arranging competitions. You should not also miss the beauty parade where the Queen of Flowers is chosen. Plenty of live music, singing, dancing, drinking, and eating are there to make your visit more enjoyable.

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