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El Salvador

Fast Facts

  • Location: In Central America with the Pacific Ocean to its south, Guatemala to its west, and Honduras to its north and east
  • Capital City: San Salvador
  • Language/s: Spanish
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Time Zone: UTC — 6
  • ISD Code: +503
  • Best Time to Visit: October, November, March, April
  • International Airport: Aeropuerto Internacional Comalapa, San Salvador
El Salvador conjures up memories of civil wars, unrest and hostility. Fortunately they were over in 1992, and El Salvador in Central America has emerged as a nation of spirited individuals, thrilling escapades, and inspiring activities. El Salvador enables you to explore the country off the beaten tracks, there being a surprise at every bend.

The cloud forest of Parque Nacional Montecristo — El Trifinio assures an exceptional hiking opportunity. From Tacuba undertake a hiking tour to the gorgeous forest of Parque Nacional El Imposible which is mostly downhill. At Perquin, once a FMLN (Farabundo Manti National Front) stronghold, discover remembrances of the saddening civil war. San Salvador, the capital city is famous for its throbbing nightlife and events. Ruta de las Flores is a charming city with a colonial ambiance, as also is Suchitoto. The waves of Punta Roca offer excellent possibilities, like skiing, diving and wave riding.

When to Visit El Salvador

El Salvador has two seasons: dry from November to April, and wet from April to October. The coastal areas have small temperature variation, while the interior areas show significant changes in summer and winter temperatures. October and November, and March and April are the best months to tour El Salvador.

Travel to El Salvador

Aeropuerto Internacional Comalapa airport near San Salvador is the principal international flight gateway of El Salvador. It is connected to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Panama City. Bus services connect El Salvador to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. There are no international boat services to El Salvador except private yachts.

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