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Location: El Salvador, Central America
Time to Visit: Rainy Season is between May and November, and the dry season between December and April. Christmas, Easter and the New Year time are when most tourists reach El Salvador. However, book in advance because it is very crowded around this time.
How to Reach: Flights to El Salvador are available from all major US cities and European destinations on a daily basis. Hire a car or get public transport to travel from the airport to the beach of your choice.
Nearest International Airport: Comalapa International Airport (SAL)

Which, according to you, sounds better? A Tahitian-style, black sand beach nestled among volcanic outcrops, a private expanse of white sand stretching for miles or a tiny island with majestic views of distant volcanoes. On the beaches of El Salvador, you will be spoilt for choice. The best option is to explore both, with exclusive drinks, some good books, a Frisbee and a hammock to recline on.

The Scenic beaches

The Republic of El Salvador, with its breathtaking landscapes, cloud forests, crater lakes and of course coffee plantations, has some of the most scenic beaches of the entire world. With more than 300 kilometers of shoreline, the dreamland of El Salvador has a number of beautiful beaches to attract sunbathers as well as surfers.

Most of the western beaches of El Salvador stretch out in small coves along a dramatic shoreline of black, volcanic rock. Barra de Santiago, the westernmost of them all, offers various scopes for sunbathing and a sea turtle conservation project that includes displays and tanks with young sea turtles kept for educational purposes. When you travel along the coastal highway embracing the western shore, you will pass the Cobanos Beach near Acajutla, followed by Tunco, Zunzal, and Majagual beaches.

You will discover some of the most beautiful private beaches of El Salvador to the east of the Lempa River. For those who would like their own private islet, Piraya Island in the Jiquilisco Bay offers white sand and picturesque views of volcanoes landward. El Espino, further down the coast, offers miles of sandy beaches as does Icacal, where shallow water and gentle surf merge to make a safe beach for the families. The eastern beaches of Tunas, Negra and Tamarindo, near the Gulf of Fonseca, are favorite destinations for surfers and sunbathers while the lovely Meanguera Island in the Gulf offers a pristine beach in a sheltered cove of its south side.

Best beaches

Some of the most popular beaches of El Salvador include:

  • Bahia de Jiquilisco: Located about 70 miles southeast of San Salvador and covered by “mangler” trees which help to preserve the fauna as well as the flora of the place, is one of the most beautiful places to visit.
  • Costa del Sol: Located 65 kilometers southwest of San Salvador in the department of La Paz, Costa del Sol is one of the most beautiful and developed beaches of El Salvador where you find some of the nicest hotels, clubs and personal residences.
  • El Zunzal: Playa El Zunzal, located about 40 minutes away from San Salvador, is recognized as one of the best beaches for surfing.

Top things to do in El Salvador beaches
Apart from sightseeing, there are plenty of other things to do on the beaches of El Salvador. Whether you want to relax, swim, surf or enjoy any kind of water sports activities, there is simply no dearth of opportunities. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Diving
    If you want to experience the thrill and beauty of the stunning underwater natural world, you can go to enjoy diving. The 3 most popular diving spots in El Salvador include the Ilopango and Coatepeque crater lakes and the open water diving spot at Los Cubanos near Acajutla.
  • Surfing
    El Salvador beaches have become a year-round surfing destination. Some of the most popular surfing spots in eastern El Salvador include La Ventana, Punta Mango, and La Flor while Zunzal, Punta Rocas and Kilometer 59 are some of the well-known destinations in the west.

You will also enjoy the experience of sailing on the Gulf of Fonseca; kayaking among the islands and channels of the Bahia de Jiquilisco; waterskiing on Lake Coatepeque at the foot of the Santa Ana volcano; white water rafting in the rivers of Lempa, Sumbul, Guayjoyo, Bandera and Paz; trekking expedition to the volcanoes or fishing.

Shopping and dining
Those who love shopping, El Salvador has taken great measures to create an easy and enjoyable experience for them. The area is dotted with great stores, restaurants and numerous places to just sit and relax.

To feel the true pulse of the dynamic city nightlife, drop into any of the bars, casinos or nightclubs, located in the vicinity of the beaches. You must also experience the culinary diversities at any of the eateries, scattered all over the beaches.

Numerous beach houses, hotels, and resorts are always ready to accommodate the coming travelers. Some of the popular places to reside at the beaches of El Salvador are Casa de Mar Hotel and Villas, El Sunzal, La Libertad, Las Hojas Resort, Playa Las Hojas, La Paz, Pacific Paradise, Costa del Sol, La Paz, Royal Decameron Salinitas, Salinitas, Sonsonate, Tesoro Beach, Costa del Sol, La Paz.

El Salvador, home to some beautiful beaches with coconut palms and warm water, offers several things to do and countless sights to see.

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