Fast Facts

  • Location: Nazca Desert, between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana in Peru
  • Time to Visit: Between May and November
  • Preferred Timing: During the early hours of the daytime.
  • How to Reach: Nazca may be reached by air from Ica or Lima though it is most common for travelers to arrive by bus via the Panamericana highway from Lima, Ica or Arequipa.
  • Nearest railway station: Aguas Calientes Train Station
  • Nearest International Airport: Lima International Airport

These are one of the most endearing mysteries of the world! Who may have created these geometric patterns, animal motifs and apparent cartographic directions on such a monumental scale of the ground, as if sending covert signals to some air-borne observer? Were they, as many presume, created for and by aliens, visitors to planet earth from some other yet undiscovered cosmic shore? The ‘Riddles in the Sand’ may take centuries to unravel, if ever, but what remains a certainty is that the Nazca Lines, a series of geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert near Peru’s southern coast, is one of the greatest tourist attractions of South America.

The huge sketches were drawn in the time of the Nazca Indians on such a large scale that the shapes are readily distinguished from the air and leading to a variety of theories about their purpose. Graves and ruins of their settlement have been found near the lines.

What to see
The part of the Peruvian desert where the Nazca lines were sketched is called the Pampa Colorada (Red Plain). The lines which were created by clearing away the darker upper layer to uncover the lighter subsoil seem remarkable that such simply-made drawings have outlasted for so many hundreds of years and some have seen a mysterious element to this.

But there is also a natural reason: the surface is made of stone and the climate is such that there is almost no erosion and that is why the Nazca peoples chose this place for an enduring monument.

The Nazca lines include several straight lines and numerous geometric shapes as well as various illustrations of animals, humans, and plants. Some of the figures include:

  • Monkey
  • Condor
  • Spider
  • Hummingbird
  • Round-headed human (known as “the astronaut”)
  • Another human figure
  • Hands
  • Tree

The main activity at the Nazca lines is the overflight. Apart from that, you will also enjoy other activities such as fascinating boat rides and diverse wildlife watching near Ica, sandboarding, hiking and horseback riding, dune buggy trips and so on.

Nazca lines of Peru are indeed a distinctive place due to the mysteries of its marvelous lines and figures, drawn with unimpeachable perfection.

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