Fast Facts

  • Location: Near Ica town in Ica district in the Ica province of Peru
  • Attraction Type: Desert Town
  • Significance: Oasis surrounded by sand dunes.
  • Best time to Visit: Tourists come throughout the year. However, summers are best avoided.
  • Visiting Hours: Anytime during the day.
  • How to Reach: Take a taxi ride for 10 minutes from Ica town. Ica has road connections with Lima. You can take a bus from Lima.
  • Nearest Airport: Lima International Airport

Want to go to a place in the middle of nowhere? Want to be in the sand dunes and in an oasis of clean water? Come to Huacachina — the “Oasis of America”. Located in the Ica province in Peru, this astounding place is literally a pearl surrounded by huge sand dunes. It is a legend that a princess lived as a mermaid in the water and the folds of her royal clothes became the fantastic sand dunes that surround the place.

You do not have to be of royal lineage to admire the beauty of the place though. The oasis at Huacachina is like a pearl in the middle of nowhere surrounded by huge mountain-like dunes. The dunes are at least a 100 feet high and gives you the perfect opportunity to go sand-boarding and dune-buggy. Huacachina has around 100 people, mostly from well-to-do Peruvian families.

Things to Do

Sand Boarding and Dune Buggying:
Are you the adventurous type? Do you like the adrenaline rush? If whistling down sand dunes is your idea of fun then Huacachina is the place you should go to. The dunes surrounding the oasis are more than 100 feet high. You can rent jeeps or dune buggy from the hostels that you will be staying in. Skates and boards should preferably be yours although you might be able to rent them from the hostels too.

Lazing by the Oasis:
Want to relax? The oasis at Huacachina is the perfect setting. A drop of water out of nowhere, it is the perfect place to laze on a hammock and finish that book that you always wanted to. You can also marvel at the beauty of the place while sipping on the local pisco.

Whale Fossils:
30 miles from Huacachina are the astounding remains of whale fossils in the middle of the desert. The place is 600m above sea level and it is quite a wonder. Go there only if you find a guide.

Other Activities:
Camping grounds are available around some hostels. Join in the barbecues on these grounds with other tourists. The camps may be rowdy or friendly depending upon the company. However, campfires and friends rarely make for a bad experience.

This place is an oasis. There are a number of hostels and hotels for tourists. Finding them is not a problem, just walk around.

Casa De Arena
Price Range —Less than $20

Hostal El Barco
Price Range —Less than $20
Quiet place right next to the lake.

El Huacachinero Hostel and Campground
Price Range—-Less than $20
Phone : (5156) 217435

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