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Magen's Bay

Fast Facts
  • Location: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean
  • Significance: Picturesque Beach
  • Attraction Types: Beach, snorkeling, swimming, shopping
  • How to Reach: Reach Cyril E. King Airport in St. Thomas and then use local transportation to reach the Magen's Bay. Magen's Bay is a very popular tourist destination, and you will not be left without conveyance.
  • Nearest Airport: Cyril E. King Airport
The National Geographic considers it to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Once you check out the endless white sands o Magen's Bay gradually dovetailing into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, you will understand why. It is almost a real reflection of the image of the perfect Caribbean beach that you have always nurtured in your mind.

History of Magen's Bay

Magen's Bay was one of the earliest naval bases for Sir Francis Drake in the earliest days of American colonization. Later on it became a very affluent center for sugar plantations. Sugar, molasses and rum were also regularly shipped from this center.

Things to do in Magen's Bay

Magen's Bay features a large number of on-shore and off-shore activities. On shore activities would include relaxing on the beach, taking a bath in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean and spending some quality time on the beach. The beach has a large number of bars, shops and restaurants, and you can spend some really enjoyable time there. Being largely a family beach, there are plenty to satisfy the needs of all members of the family.

Off shore activities are fairly limited, largely because of the calm and undisturbed nature of the water. However, some watersport opportunities are still operative. Swimming and snorkeling are the most popular adventure activities in Magen's Bay, St. Thomas. The presence of lifeguards assures security for the adventure tourists.

Magen's Bay Accommodation

Due to the presence of a large number of tourists who visit this beach every year, quite a few resorts have developed in the beach in the recent years. The Magen's Point Resort is one of the older and the most popular ones. Book in advance, because the beach tends to get crowded particularly in the holiday season.


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