Fast Facts

  • Location: In Canaima National Park, located in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela.
  • Time to Visit: May to November.
  • Preferred Timing: During the early hours of the daytime.
  • How to Reach: Reaching Angel Falls is quite a trying task. You need to reach Canaima first, and there is no possible way to get to Canaima by land. You need to reach there either by plane or by helicopter.
    Canaima Airport (CAJ) is the nearest airport. You will find flights from this small airport to a few destinations including Caracas, Ciudad, Puerto Ordaz, Porlamar, and Sta. Elena. You will also find private charter flights from Caracas. Alternatively, you can also reach there by helicopter.
    You can travel by motorized canoe, known as curiae from Canaima. Sail through the Carrao River and later through the Charan River. It is almost 4 hours of a journey through the water. Then he starts hiking through the jungle to the falls. It will take about an hour to reach the falls. Canoe access is prohibited from June to November.
  • Entry Fee: Bs. 8000
  • Nearest International Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

You gaze at the top and as you direct your gaze towards the bottom, you suddenly realize that the journey is never-ending. You will surely experience the same while visiting Angel Falls at Canaima National Park in Venezuela, the tallest waterfall in the world. Dropping about 979 meters with a total freefall of 807 meters from a table-top mountain known as Auyantepuy into the Caí±on del Diablo, Devil’s Canyon, the Angel Falls is fed by the rainfall from equatorial rainfall of Auyantepuy. Also known as Salto íngel or indigenously Kerepakupai-meríº, the Angel Falls often gets covered by swirling mist and clouds to give a mysterious feel of the place. Due to this mysterious nature, Angel Falls also has been a popular destination for adventurers. But, no matter you are an adventurer or a nature lover, you cannot afford to miss one of the prime wonders of the world.

Visiting Angel Falls
The gateway to the Angel Falls in the Canaima National Park, located in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. This second largest park in Venezuela is spread over 30,000 square km area and is the home to the indigenous Pemon Indians. The falls are located in the western part of the park. You need to earn your visit to the Angel Falls as your journey will require traveling through air, river and dense forest. And there is no doubt that the journey enhances the attraction of the Angel Falls.

The area around the falls is quite beautiful and thrilling as well. The grassland with dense forest along the course of the rivers and the flat-topped mountains are quite appealing to the visitors. There are numerous varieties of wildlife available in this area, which include monkeys, poison-arrow frogs and plenty of species of orchids. You will also find giant anteaters, porcupines, armadillos, otters, pumas, three-toed sloths, jaguars, capybaras, and tapirs.

What to Bring:
The visit to Angel Falls is an adventurous journey. So, you need to take a few things in order to make your trip a safe and enjoyable one. Sendero Salto íthe angel, the Angel Falls trail, is a rugged one. So you need to take hiking boots and socks. As you need to walk along the wet trail, you also need river shoes or sandals as well. It is also a good need to take some other useful things like small flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries, small backpack, some protection items for rain, hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, sunglasses, plastic bags, first aid kit and clothes that dry quickly.

Tip: Leave for the falls early in the morning. On your way, don’t miss to take a bath in the “Poso de la Felicidad”.

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