Fast Facts

  • Location: South of Bolivar State on Venezuela-Brazil border
  • Attraction Type: Natural wonder
  • Significance: Rock formations dating back two billion years ago
  • Best Time to Visit: All through the year
  • Visiting Hours: Daytime
  • How to Reach: By road from El Dorado in Brazil; alternatively fly to Santa Elena de Uairen and then journey by road
  • Nearest International Airport: El Dorado International Airport

Gran Sabana, one of the most fascinating land formations in the world, is part of Canaima National Park in Venezuela. In La Gran Sabana you would discover the oldest rock structures dating back millions of years. Millennia of erosion have given rise to ‘tepuis’ or highlands with cliffs. The relief of Gran Sabana in Venezuela is a fascinating display of waterfalls, forests, and tropical grasslands.

The mysticism of Venezuela Gran Sabana is evident from the falls also. The Jaspe Falls over jasper rock, a stone more attractive than marble, lends amazing orange, yellow and red hues to the water. Aponwao Falls in the course of Curiara River is another fascinating geographical feature. A sudden drop of about 105 meters in the river bed has given rise to this waterfall. The spectacular sight with the accompanying thundering roar of the tumbling water makes the Aponwao Falls incredible.

In a 4 x 4 vehicle explore the grand savannah or Gran Sabana in Venezuela. You could walk the entire length of Aponwao Falls which is a unique experience. Salto El Sapo is another gorgeous waterfall in Gran Sabana. You could actually go behind this stupendous water curtain. When in Gran Sabana you cannot afford to miss visiting Canaima National Park. Take a vehicle to the magnificent Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall at 3212 feet with a clear drop of 2647 feet.

Visit Mount Roraima in the southeastern portion pf Gran Sabana bordering Guyana is the highest among the ‘tepuis’ in Venezuela. This ‘tepui’ with an average height of 8200 feet is almost two billion years old.

Accommodation and Dining
Gran Sabana has a wide variety of hotels taking care of your accommodation needs. Hotel Gran Sabana, Posada Intiguazy, Hotel Eco Inn Anaconda, Cabanas Roraima, Venezuela Explorer, Hotel Lucas, and Campamento Yahoo are some of the selected hotels in this region of Venezuela. Each of these hotels has proper dining facilities to cater to your culinary needs.

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