Fast Facts

Location: In Peten area of Guatemala
Attraction Type: Archaeological Heritage
Significance: A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Visiting Hours: Daytime
How to Reach: By road from Flores
Nearest Airport: Flores Airport

Tikal stands out as a great city of Mayan origin, established 1000 years ago during ‘Classic Era’. Excavation work has unearthed many relics and more are expected to be discovered. The significance of Tikal lies in the fact that many of the excavated buildings could be restored while many are still canopied by forests. The ruins and restored monuments offer an awesome sight from any of the temple tops peeping out of the jungle canopy.

Tikal in Guatemala, apart from an archaeologist’s delight, is a grand spectacle for general tourists and naturalists. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Tikal stands testimony to the architectural brilliance of the Mayans. The exemplary engineering behind the construction of these temples and pyramids is simply astounding. Tikal ruins including over 3000 structures spread over an area of six square kilometers. Temple IV, the largest among all the Tikal structures, Great Plaza, Central and North Acropolis, and Mundo Perdido are the significant monuments of the Jaguar clan. All these structures were of immense religious, scientific, and political significance.

Activities in Tikal

A tour of Tikal National Park is a thrilling adventure as you discover howler monkeys, brocket deer, ocelots, toucans, white-lipped peccary, scarlet macaws, and perhaps the rare jaguar. Lake Peten Itza inside Tikal National Park offers excellent boating and fishing possibilities. A jungle canopy tour in cable cars through the thick forest vegetation is a magical experience as you discover the ruins from above.

Sleeping and Dining in Tikal

Tikal Inn, Jaguar Inn, and Jungle Lodge just outside Tikal National Park offer reasonably comfortable accommodation on a Tikal tour. In addition there are a number of hotels in Flores, the nearest city to Tikal. The lodges also offer delicious food during your stay.

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