If it is Crete, then be sure to drop amidst exemplary architectures, get exposed to a vibrant nightlife and savor some of the best delicacies. And if it is for partying hard all night, then most likely, the pubs and the discotheques are your favorite companions. So, to peruse through the must see Crete sites, it is primary to walk through the architectural prodigies as well as natural vistas, to come to a conclusion and strike up a conversation with peers regarding the must sees. Home to the Minoan culture, the city has come up as quite an attraction for tourists from all corners of the world. So, while you are sitting alone at home, clueless about your vacation plans — best sort out a trip with friends to this enchanting land with both heritage as well as beauty. In fact, most tourists who explore the must see places in Crete, are frequently hushed by the ethereal charm of this enormous Mediterranean Island.

So, if you are really planning for a trip here, start with the 10 must see places in Crete before you try out other places. First, the Ha Gorge, one of the best places for vacationers. Among all the natural wonders in the city – which includes everything from gorges, mountains, seasides and many more – the Ha Gorge, situated along the picturesque Vasiliku Village, is every tourist’s delight. The rugged terrains and the unusual landscape — well in contrast to the cool and soothing surroundings — revolts your eyes. And for more, you can always lazy around the surrounding areas to enjoy the breezy atmosphere. Don’t forget to carry your camera along. Next, the Ano Simi is a place you have dreamt for years. Walk alongside the quaint village tucked amidst dense jungles and a world away from the Mediterranean coastline. So, for the nature-lovers, the place might just be the place to see in Crete, to cherish the serenity or walk south to the Mount Dikti for a hike. For further souvenirs from nature or to stretch your travel further deeper into the abyss of nature’s wonders, don’t miss out on the Samaria Gorge, well visible from Chania.

If the foray to unearth the wondrous nature at the city is all said and done, then chalk out plans to plunge into history through the museums, unique architectures as well as the historical landmarks — best to expose the eventful past of Crete. Practically, there are various museums and art galleries scattered all throughout the island city, but amongst all, it is obviously only a few that attract attention for their eminence and art masterpieces. The Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, the famed Historical Museum of Crete and not to miss the Heraklion Archaeological Museums are must see Crete sites, that deserve a sight for their unprecedented art collections, history and tit-bits of Crete civilization unfolded, and the Minoan collections galore. To extend further, there are the landmarks and ancient architectures as well, which is worth the attention for their long history and brilliant construction. Like, if you are mesmerized by the gigantic bronze statue of the Palace of Knossos — the heart of the Minoan civilization — then the art adroitness of the Jewish landmark, Etz Hayyim Synagogue, is perfect to drop by to know all about Jewish culture and religion. Even Gournia is also beautiful to check out, for its excellent semblance, and its rising attractiveness for its architectural wonders lately.

Finally, eating, merrymaking or partying are best in Crete. To do so, pay a visit to the hub of the city center, known for its glamorous nightlife – you would love it. In this context, Amoudara is a must see Crete tourist spot to hop in for its slew of bars, restaurants, shopping scopes as well as for its vibrant party night for tourists. So, its vacation again. Fly to Crete: fun time for all!

List of must see Crete sightseeings:

  • Amoudara
  • Gournia
  • Etz Hayyim Synagogue
  • Palace of Knossos
  • Historical Museum of Crete
  • Heraklion Archaeological Museums
  • Nikos Kazantzakis Museum
  • Samaria Gorge
  • Chania
  • Mount Dikti
  • Ha Gorge
  • Vassiliki Village
  • Ano Simi

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